Ducted Collectors


  • Wetting of volatile dust and heavy sparks eliminates fire risk.
  • Meets OSHA and NFPA regulations for dust removal within the building.
  • No expensive filters to replace.
  • Re-circulates filtered air for savings on cooling and heating costs.
  • The automatic fill system utilizes a pressure sensor system for a reliability unaffected by debris in the water.
  • Optional drag-type sludge conveyor continuously removes sludge to keep up with heavy dust loading applications.
  • Custom features and sizing available.
Hydrotron Ducted Wet Dust Collector

Hydrotron HWF Ducted Wet Dust Collector Series

Ducted directly to an industrial machine, the Hydrotron HWF Wet Type Dust Collector captures aluminum, titanium, or other volatile dust at the point where it is generated, drawing the dust into the water-filter system. The HWF Series provides source capture from 1,000 to 20,000 CFM, ranging from single-operation collectors to central collection systems for multi-point processes. Popular options for HWF Ducted Wet Collectors include stainless steel construction and drag-type sludge conveyors that provide continuous clean-out for heavy dust applications.


  • Direct Drive/Non-Overloading Fan
  • Removable Clear Plastic Inspection Door
  • Sump with Sloped Sides for Easy Clean-out
  • Interior Baffle Section
  • Mist Eliminator Filters
  • Magnahelic Gauge
  • Electronic Water Level Control w/ Pressure Sensor System
  • Construction of Galvanized Steel w/ Two-Part Cold Tar Epoxy Coatings to Interior Wet Surfaces
  • Industrial Enamel “Gulf Blue” Coating on Exterior
  • Options

    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Drag-Type Sludge Conveyor
    • HEPA Safety Filters w/ Alarms
    • High-Pressure Blower
    • IVEC™ Intelligent Controller For Added Capacity
    • Explosion-Proof Motor
    • Custom Paint
    • Overflow / Low Water Cut-off Switch
    • Custom Sizing
      For more about the features and options available, see Hydrotron Ducted Wet Dust Collectors»