Special Reasons for Using a Wet Dust Collector

You can benefit from the use of a wet collector if you answer yes to any of these questions:

  • Will you ever want to do contract work that may involve volatile metals?
  • Will you ever cut and grind on Aluminum, Magnesium or Titanium?
  • If a steel part is changed to an aluminum part in the specs, will you still want the job of finishing the part?
  • If you only sand aluminum castings, is there any possibility that a worker would grind on something made of steel on an aluminum only dry collector?
  • Do you need to work with both steel and aluminum, yet have a limited budget and/or amount of floor space to devote to dust collection systems? (The Hydrotron DHYD wet downdraft table is the only collector that puts the dust immediately into the water, allowing steel and aluminum both to be worked on the same table.)

Advantages of a wet dust collector include:

  • Safety. The best reason for using a wet dust collector in a metal finishing operation is peace of mind. Dry dust collectors can and do catch fire. Work environments always include dust and lint that is pulled into hoods and ducting during normal use. At any time a ball of lint that is set fire by just a spark can travel to the filter system and ignite more fuel as the fan supplies abundant oxygen.
  • No replacement filters required.
  • No compressed air required.
  • Dust collectors for volatile dusts may be placed inside building.
  • Filtered air may be re-circulated for savings on cooling and heating costs.